January 16, 2017

"What’s done in the dark will be brought to the light"
-Johnny Cash

Make no mistake about it: it's the training you do from January to May that determines how fit you'll be this summer. If you’re training consistently during this timeframe, you’ll have a fit, strong summer. If you’re waiting for tomorrow, or for spring, or for better weather…you’re letting your potential fitness and performance this summer slide. Every day you go without training, your potential this summer decreases. 

The training you do today doesn't make you fitter tomorrow. It makes you fitter in a few days. The training you’re doing in the winter makes you fitter in the spring which makes you fitter in the summer.

The “OMG, it’s almost summer!" training you cram in during May doesn't make you fit for summer. You can try to race your way into shape. That fitness is short-lived fitness, though…it doesn’t last. And it usually peaks near the end of the season, after the majority of races/events of the season have come and gone. 

The athletes who want to be fitter this summer are in full training mode now. In the dark of winter. That doesn’t mean that they’re killing every workout. It only means that they’re training consistently. Whatever consistently means to them. Some that’s a couple times a week. Others that’s seven days a week. 

The athletes who have a goal event this summer and want to do well, not just complete it, are in full training now. In the cold of winter. That’s not to say that every workout is hard. Selective workouts are hard, while the remainder are easy or base. But the consistency is there.

The athletes who take their training seriously, who make training an integral part of their life, are in full training now. In the dark before work. In the dark after work. In the cold of the weekends. They’re in the groove. They don’t spend energy “starting up” again. They’re already in training mode. It’s easier to stay in a routine than it is to get back into or start a new routine. 

Training...now. Improving...for summer. Patiently waiting their increased fitness. Enjoying the process along the way. 

Are you one of those athletes? You can be.