Privacy Policy

WattsUp Cycling collects, uses and processes your personal information when you complete your membership form, subscribe to its social media channels or other business activities. Some of this data includes information that identifies you such as a telephone number, name, address, photo image, e-mail address, etc. ("Personal Data").

In collecting or receiving Personal Data, WattsUp Cycling uses the Personal Data for the purposes disclosed at the time of collection. Typically, Personal Data is used to provide services to you directly.

If WattsUp Cycling collects Personal Data directly, we advise you of the purpose of our collection. If the Personal Data will be used for a purpose other than for which it was collected by WattsUp Cycling, we will first get your consent, which may be written, oral, or implied through the service being provided by WattsUp Cycling.

Some of the Personal Data is disclosed to our business partners and related companies, but WattsUp Cycling limits the amount of data disclosed to the extent required to fulfill the purpose for which the Personal Data was collected. Subject to the terms of a waiver you may sign, you may withdraw consent to the use of their Personal Data which may result in WattsUp Cycling being unable to continue to provide services for your benefit.

If you have any questions, please send your enquiry regarding Personal Data held by WattsUp Cycling to: WattsUp Cycling, 38 Torlake Crescent, Toronto, Ontario, M8Z 1B3, Attention: Privacy Officer.

Last updated: September 2015