Programs & Services

Our winter based cycling program is science backed and performance based with the aim of producing robust and healthy fitness in each athlete as they head into spring and summer. Take part in our on site instructor led group classes. Ride your own bike on our smart trainers. Train with like minded individuals and benefit from the power of a group. Riders range from their 20s to their 70s. More information here.

The same program that is being performed on-site in our studio, delivered to you at home over the internet. The WattsUp program performed on your schedule, at your convenience, at your home. Ultra-convenient and time-efficient, as well as cost-effective. More information here.

WattsUp's founder/owner, Adam Johnston, remains active in personal coaching. Each year Adam works with a handful of athletes to assist them to achieving their endurance-related goals. He's been coaching endurance athletes since 1999, having helped hundreds of athletes remain healthy, train consistently, achieve new heights in their fitness, and go onto becoming first time finishers and setting personal bests. Adam's worked with first timers, seasoned age groupers, and elite athletes alike. Primarily triathletes, cyclists, and runners. He's been fortunate to work with athletes who have qualified for and competed in: Hawaii Ironman (age group), 70.3 World Championships (elite and age group), ITU World Championships (elite and age group), National Olympic Triathlon Championships (elite and age group), and the Boston Marathon.

Adam's focus while coaching is on ensuring the program fits the athlete. And not the other way around. He places emphasis on training-life balance, realistic expectations, enjoying the process vs the outcome, and balance within the training program. He has worked both with WattsUp Cycling athletes and remote athletes equally well.

Personal coaching is $299 / month + HST for non-WattsUp athletes and is $199 / month + HST for current WattsUp athletes. Adam's roster is typically in flux through the fall, and settles in for the winter through to the following fall. Feel free to inquire anytime about the availability of Adam's personal coaching service.

Lactate Testing
We offer stand-alone lactate testing services. Athletes use lactate tests for a number of reasons, including to measure their current fitness level and help determine reasonable training zones/guidelines. Lactate testing requires 90 minutes of your time, only half of which is spent on the bike (or run). We use a ramp test protocol, which has you starting out very light and building throughout the test to a medium hard effort by the end. It is not a maximal effort test, nor are the results dependent on your level of motivation. Athletes walk away with a simple two-page report summarizing their test results and suggested training zones.
Lactate Testing = $175 + HST

CompuTrainer rentals available. For those who haven't yet, or don't want to, enter the indoor trainer market. A winter rental is far more economical than an outright purchase of a smart trainer. $75 / month + HST.